Misty Angel

Whispers in the woods

Heaven Knows


I always have a soft spot for ‘old songs’. And I’m not only talking about oldies from the 50s, but mostly songs from the 80s to early 2000s. Like, that’s when songs are about songs, right? Not about sex, drugs, women, and broken hearts? Well, of course, love will forever be the go-to theme, but I remember vividly that songs from those three decades aren’t just some ass twerking and nude girls.

But what I want to talk about now is this song. You’ve probably heard this song but never know who sung it, or maybe this song is so sentimental for you it brings back memories. Maybe you got this song stuck at the back of your mind for days, and it irked you so bad you dreamed about it.

And now we got to know the singer’s name: Rick Price.

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“Someone is screaming,”

I think to myself

I try to walk, to find the source

Can’t see anyone

Why is it so dark in here?

Where am I?

I turn my head to every direction

And yet I still hear that scream

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The Dying Girl by the Pavement

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Saat kau melihat kematian pertamamu, apa hal pertama yang melintas di kepalamu? Apakah (a) kau akan menjerit keras seperti di film-film, (b) tertegun dengan lutut gemetar—ingin lari tapi tidak bisa, (c) pura-pura tidak melihatnya dan terus berjalan, atau (d) mengerubungi mayat itu dengan ponsel yang terus merekam tiap detiknya?

Kalau kau tanya aku, aku akan bertanya balik: “Siapa dulu yang meninggal?”

Karena, jika aku mengenal orang itu, kemungkinan besar aku akan memilih pilihan b.

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The Blurred Lines

Where is the line of sanity and insanity?

When you think you have everything in life under control

That you are content and happy

Yet strangely still feeling hollow


Sometimes I wonder

How can we know we are sane?

Are we sure it is not the opposite?

Who sets the rules?

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At This Moment

At this moment in my life,

I’m scared.

When I was younger,

ghosts used to be scary.

As I grow older,

instead of becoming wiser,

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